100% in forty minutes: Xiaomi showed fast wireless charging

Xiaomi Vice President shared a video on the Weibo social network with a demonstration of the new fast charging technology. It can make up for a 4000 mAh battery from zero to 100% in forty minutes.

The test device was the new flagship of the company – Mi 10 Pro. The device received 57% of energy in twenty minutes, and in another twenty charge status reached one hundred percent. The power of the new charge is 40 W, and the new technology does not lead to heating during operation, which extends the battery life in the long term.

At the moment, this is just a prototype. Among the serial charges, the fastest version of Xiaomi is Mi Charge Turbo with a power of 30 watts. It is not known when charging with the new technology will go on sale. Apparently, this will happen along with the start of sales of one of the future flagships of Xiaomi.

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