120 fps, fast SSD and developer tools: DIRT 5 CTO on Xbox Series X features

On June 10, an interview with David Springate, DIRT 5 Technical Director, appeared on the Xbox Wire website . He talked about the features of the game development for the Xbox Series X, as well as about the features and functions of the console that impressed him the most.

Springate believes that a high frame rate is a key aspect in racing games. The higher the frame rate, the better the responsiveness and sense of speed.

He admitted that at first he thought he was insane that the new Xbox could support 120 fps. It seemed to Springate that this was only applicable to simple arcades, but not to large projects like DIRT 5.

Despite concerns, the team managed to quickly achieve the set level – while the developers have not yet made any optimization for this frequency.

We decided to stick to a high frame rate simply because the power of the Xbox Series X allowed us to do this. The game behaves very smoothly – I have never experienced anything like it before from any race.

David springate

DIRT 5 Technical Director

The technical director was also impressed by the new SSD – according to him, he will allow loading game data very quickly and loading screens will no longer interrupt gameplay.

This SSD is incredible. It does not look like SSD for PC – it is something more. The ability to load data very quickly not only impresses you as a developer – it is also very interesting.

David springate

DIRT 5 Technical Director

In addition, Springate said that thanks to the new tools, they managed to avoid the usual difficult transitions of development from one console to another.

With the help of the Game Development Kit, launched on the Xbox One, the studio began working on the version for the Xbox Series X long before it got the devkits themselves.

In conclusion, Springate added that he was intrigued by the capabilities of the new SSD and Xbox Velocity Architecture memory management system and how these technologies will be used in future in different games.

The release of DIRT 5 is scheduled for autumn 2020 – the game will be released on consoles of the current and next generation, as well as a PC.


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