17-year-old player from India spent more than 22 thousand dollars in a month in PUBG Mobile

The teenager used all the money set aside for his education and treatment of his father, and now he is working out this amount by repairing scooters.

According to The Tribune, a 17-year-old resident of the Indian city of Harar spent money on PUBG Mobile from his bank account, as well as from his parents. He got access to them from his mother’s phone, who he allegedly took for training, after which he bought in-game items for himself and his friends and deleted messages from the bank about expenses. The young man also transferred funds between accounts in order to hide his expenses from his parents.

As a result, a teenager spent 1.6 million rupees in a month, which is 22 thousand dollars. Of these, about 2,802.00 United States Dollar were the pension savings of his mother, and the rest was the savings for the education of the young man and the treatment of his father, who works as a civil servant.

The father of the young man said that from now on he does not give him a mobile phone, even for study. In addition, he made his son go to work in a motor scooter repair shop, so that he would return the money spent and understand how hard it is to earn.


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