25-30 hours campaign and Inon Zur soundtrack: Outriders details by People Can Fly

The second news stream dedicated to a cooperative shooter with RPG elements was held by the developers on July 2 – they talked about music, the device of the campaign and one of the classes in the game during the broadcast.


  • One of the classes will take about 25-30 hours to complete the main story, but if you take into account all the additional tasks and post-game content, you can spend two or three times more time in the game.
  • There is no open world in Outriders, but between large locations they will be allowed to move freely.
  • In each of the locations there is a camp of the protagonist and friendly bases, around which there are several zones for research and battles.
  • All side quests open up new small areas that you can’t get into, completing only story missions.
  • As you progress through the “hubs” will change externally, as well as the characters in them, who will respond to the player.
  • The main transport camp in the game is a truck that carries the main character and his team from one large location to another. They will not be allowed to manage it, but it will need to be pumped over the course of the game, opening up new goods and objects for crafting.
  • The inventory will be available in the camp, common to all characters of one user – up to six heroes can be created on one account.
  • The developers also confirmed that Outriders will have neither competitive modes nor PvP – only PvE.


  • This class focuses on mid-range area attacks. Such characters are not able to move quickly.
  • Various special abilities set fire to opponents, blow them up or paralyze them.
  • Pyromancer replenishes health when one of his enemies is affected by his special abilities.
  • Four of the eight skills in this class are Thermal Bomb, which turns the target into a walking bomb, Ashes in the Eye, immobilizing a group of enemies, Heatwave, which causes a wall of fire, and Overheating, setting fire to all enemies nearby.
  • The three main branches of pyromancer development are Peplorez (increases damage to burning targets), Fiery tornado (increases overall damage from abilities) and Storm (increases health).


They also showed a short interview with composer Inon Zur, who works on the Outriders soundtrack. Zur is known as the author of music for Dragon Age: Origins, Crysis, and the third and fourth parts of Fallout.

According to the musician, in his compositions for the shooter from People Can Fly, he combined synthesizers, an orchestra and ethnic instruments to find a unique sound.

Adaptive difficulty, leveling and games over time: Outriders details from the People Can Fly stream

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