3 useful iOS features that will help in any messenger

The iOS mobile operating system has always been famous for its abundance of small and convenient chips.

Now let’s talk about three simple gestures that work in iMessage , Telegram , WhatsApp and most other communication applications.

  1. Go to selection

In order to mark several messages in correspondence, you usually have to hold your finger on one of them or enter the editing mode through additional menus.

It turns out that there is a faster and easier way: just pinch or spread two fingers on the screen .

After that, the selection mode is instantly activated.

  1. Quick message tagging

When you need to erase or forward a certain number of messages in a row, there is a convenient way to quickly select them.

A simple swipe with two fingers up or down will start the editing mode and highlight several messages on the screen.

The chip works both in open correspondence and in the list of dialogs. A similar gesture has long been built into most standard iOS applications (Mail, iMessage, Notes, Reminders).

  1. Instant response

The third useful feature allows you to quickly display a context menu for any message in the correspondence. Usually, you need to hold the message for a few seconds or use a strong press of 3D-Touch.

It is much easier to make double tap on the desired message and see the context menu much faster.

Chatting with friends will be easier with these tips.


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