4 iOS 11.3 features to try now

A fairly large update to the Apple mobile operating system brought several useful and interesting features. Many were interested in the item with disabling software slowdown gadgets.

Meanwhile, in iOS 11.3 there are several small but useful features.

Topic: 10 tips for iOS 11.3 that should not be missed

1. Improved smart inversion

In iOS, there is still no long-awaited dark interface theme, but instead there is a “crutch” in the form of a smart inversion.

Design colors are reversed, making white black, etc.

IOS 11.3 added a significant innovation. When displaying pictures and photos in most standard applications, they will not be inverted.

A great opportunity to give another chance to the “dark theme” in iOS.

Where to find: Settings – Basic – Universal access – Display adaptation – Color inversion, turn on Smart inversion .

2. Quick transition to an artist or album

In the standard application, Music appeared one small, but useful feature. Now, in a couple of clicks, you can open the list of tracks of the artist whose music is currently being played, or go to the album from which the track is taken.

Convenient and useful, especially on the go or driving.

Where to find it: in the Music application, open a window with playback of the current track and click on its name.

3. Application download date

A slightly “dopped” App Store can show the exact date of purchase / download of applications that were produced on all devices with this Apple ID.

Sometimes it is very necessary to find out exactly when the game or application was purchased.

Where to find: in the App Store application, click on the account icon (in the upper right corner) and go to the Shopping section. Now, under each application, the date of purchase is displayed

4. Convenient category browsing on the App Store

Another small innovation in the App Store is a quick transition to application categories.

For example, like a game or application, the App Store kindly indicates that it takes pride of place in the list of Racing, Arcade or home applications. Where exactly to look for these charts and tops, no one bothered to say.

Now, with one click, you can get into the list with the best programs and games of the genre, which included the application of interest.

Where to find: click on the rating of the application in the genre and get into the list of all programs or games in it.

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