7 Useful YouTube Features on iPhone to Know

One of the most popular apps on most smartphones is the YouTube client. We are used to consuming most of the content in the form of videos.

Now we’ll show you how to do it faster and easier.

1. Dark theme

Unfortunately, the developers did not teach the application to switch to the dark theme of design on a schedule, but the very fact of the existence of a non-white interface is already pleasing.

If you use our other tips and turn on the “dark theme” on iOS, it’s time to switch to dark YouTube.

Where to find: click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, go to the Settings section and activate the Night mode switch .

2. Custom rewind

One of the most useful features of the YouTube app is fast forward and rewind. It is activated by double-clicking on the right or left side of the screen. You don’t even need to call the controls, just clicked twice and the video jumps 10 seconds forward or backward.

It turns out that in the application settings you can set the rewind interval. You can choose from 5 seconds to 1 minute. This can be very useful for fans to watch long seminars and lectures.

Where to find: click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, go to the Settings – Rewind section by double-clicking and set the desired value.

3. Confidential browsing

To prevent videos that were viewed on your smartphone from appearing in the general viewing history, the following trick will come in handy. It will be useful to owners of several devices with one YouTube account.

So the video viewed on the iPhone will not interfere in the shared tape on a computer or tablet.

Where to find: click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, go to the Settings section . Here we enable the option Do not record browsing history , you can enable the Do not record search history option below so that search queries do not migrate to other devices.

4. Notifications of new videos

Initially, the application is ready to give the user a ton of necessary and unnecessary notifications. At the first launch of the program, many people simply turn off notifications at the system level so that YouTube does not bother with or without cause.

We recommend setting this parameter in more detail. First you need to enable the display of notifications for the application in the iOS settings, and then filter out unnecessary events in the program.

This is the most convenient way to receive notifications of new videos right on your smartphone. The application will inform you when videos appear on any of the channels to which you are subscribed.

Where to find: click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, go to the Settings – Notifications section . We leave the necessary ones, we turn off the unnecessary ones.

5. Listening in the background

The official YouTube client allows you to listen to audio in the background only if you have a YouTube Red subscription . Pleasure is not cheap, but in our region it is almost useless.

In order to listen to music or conversational content and at the same time be able to minimize the application or even block the smartphone, you will have to download a third-party browser.

Not all programs support this feature, it works fine in the Opera browser .

Where to find: when watching a video, click the Share button , copy the link to the video and paste it into the address bar of the browser. We turn off Opera and resume playback from the control point.

6. Search for good music

Many still use YouTube to listen to tracks of their favorite artists. To find the ones you need faster and more accurately, use the search operator “#”. We enter the operator and without a space the name of the artist.

The service will immediately give out the latest tracks and albums of the artist instead of promoted remixes, parodies and other garbage.

Where to find: in the search bar, enter #user_name.

7. Share a video clip

There is a situation when you really want to share a piece of video you like with someone. So that the interlocutor does not rewind at the right time or does not watch extra fragments, you can use the Tiny.video service .

1. Copy the link to the video through the Share button .

2. Open the service website in a browser.

3. Paste the link from the clipboard into the search bar.

4. Use the sliders to set the beginning and end of the passage, you can enable looping, automatic playback and hiding of controls (relevant when sending to a computer).

We generate the link and send it to the interlocutor. He will receive a selected piece of video with the specified parameters instead of the entire video on YouTube.

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