76 million viewers: “The Witcher” was the best debut of the series Netflix

Netflix shared a report for the fourth quarter of last year and named the numbers of views of popular paintings. Apparently, The Witcher has a great future on the streaming service.

At the beginning of the year, Netflix called The Witcher one of its most popular paintings. Now it became known that in the first four weeks after the release, the series was watched by 76 million users. The company said that this is the most popular series debut in the history of Netflix.

True, such a figure may have a simple explanation. The fact is that Netflix has changed the rating system for views. Previously, the account was taken into account, from which at least 70% of the film or one episode of the series was watched. And now it’s enough to turn on the tape for two minutes – and you get into the statistics.

The second season of The Witcher will be released only next year. The creators promise to make the script more linear – the first season was criticized just for the broken structure of the story.

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