A court in the United States issued an injunction to the man who pursued Tim Cook

Rakesh Sharma received a temporary injunction due to the persecution of Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Judging by the testimony of William Brens, security specialist at Apple’s senior executives, Sharma called Cook twice: September 25 and October 2, 2019. In both cases, he left “disturbing” voice messages.

December 4, he entered the territory of Cook’s house through a closed gate. He took a bottle of champagne and flowers with him, but he failed to meet with the head of Apple.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a stalker who infiltrated his territory TWICE and never ceases to contact him / other Apple employees, according to court documents and witness testimonies.

After that, Sharma began to post his nude photos on Twitter and mark Cook on them.

On January 15, he once again climbed over the fence and entered the territory of Cook’s house. He rang the doorbell, security called the police, but Sharma fled before her arrival.

The Santa Clara Supreme Court issued a temporary ban for Sharma until March 3. He can’t get close to Tim Cook and Apple Park. Apple lawyers insisted that he be barred from visiting the Apple Store and approaching other senior executives, but the judge rejected the request. [ Business Insider ]

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