A father assembled a custom controller for his children, using the Xbox Adaptive Controller as the basis

With the addition of some parts ordered from ebay.

Xbox Adaptive Controller is a special device designed for people with disabilities. The design allows you to configure control in many ways. And, as it turned out, assemble a completely new device.

On January 18, Briton Rory Steele said that it was not very convenient for his children to play on the Nintendo Switch base controller, so he decided to build a more suitable device for them.

To do this, he bought a set of parts on Ebay, from which fighting players usually collect custom controllers: sticks for moving and rotating the camera, buttons and wires. The case for all this was a simple box with a transparent lid.

On the same day, Steele sorted out the wiring and connected the first parts to the controller, and towards evening, the device acquired the final look.

Steele also showed how the device looks from the inside.

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