A plane with 135 people on board jumped from the strip of Iranian airport

Caspian Airlines’ MD-83 passenger airliner leaves the runway of the city of Bender-Mahshehr in Iran. The incident is reported by CNN. 

The plane stopped in the middle of a busy road. On board were 135 people. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties: people evacuated on their own. The liner operated an internal flight from Tehran to Bandar Mahshehr. Apparently, the plane, for an unknown reason, left the strip and ended up on the street. Chassis racks have developed, the liner lies on a belly.

The aircraft fuselage has survived, there is no fire. Rescuers quickly arrived at the scene of the accident and treated everything with water to prevent a fire.

Caspian Airlines is an Iranian airline. In 2009, its TU-154M crashed shortly after departure from Tehran. Killed all 168 people on board. The cause of the crash was called the technical malfunction of the first engine.

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The number of people on board has not yet been precisely determined: the Associated Press gives the figure of 144 people (136 passengers and 8 crew members). The AP also reports that there are two victims.

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