A prototype of the Nintendo PlayStation will be up for auction. Already offered $ 1.2 million for him

In February, an exclusive lot will appear at the Heritage Auctions auction – a prototype console called Play Station, which was actually a hybrid of the PlayStation and Super Nintendo, according to Kotaku. Over a million dollars were already offered for a unique device, but the owner of the set-top box refused the offer.

It was assumed that the production of the console will be Sony. The prefix had a CD drive for games for the PlayStation, as well as a slot for cartridges for Nintendo games. But in the early nineties, disagreements arose between the two Japanese corporations over the console and Sony decided to release the PlayStation as an independent console.

Terry Daybold bought a prototype Play Station in 2009 at an auction where they sold items from one of Sony’s former bosses. In 2015, a dusty prefix was found by Terry’s son and, along with his father, began traveling to gaming exhibitions. True, this did not bring money: Daybold said that the tour was unprofitable.

The family plans to improve their financial situation by selling a rare prototype. Daybold said that one interested buyer from Norway had already offered $ 1.2 million for the Play Station, but the console owner refused. So, he expects to help out at the auction a much larger amount.

Heritage Auctions has been selling rare games and consoles since January of this year. During this time, the auction managed to sell a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for $ 100 thousand, as well as a collection of forty classic games for more than a million dollars.

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