A Reddit user made a pipe for Schwarzenegger’s birthday. The actor came to the comments and asked to send it

And in return, the user received a photo of Arnold with a donated tube in the form of a Terminator’s head and a signature with thanks.
On July 30, Arnold Schwarzenegger turned 73 years old. By this date, a Reddit user under the nickname RadonLab carved a smoking pipe in the shape of a Terminator’s head – he often displays his woodwork with pop culture characters on the site.

But this time, the user’s work went down to the actor himself. Schwarzenegger has been on Reddit since 2012, where he periodically posts and talks to fans. He saw the work of RadonLab and came in the comments asking if he could buy a pipe from him. The user replied that it would be a great honor for him to simply give it to Schwarzenegger.

The actor agreed , but on the condition: “If you insist on just giving it away, then I insist on sending you my photo with a pipe and signature in return.” Arnold asked RadonLab to write to him and discuss the details.

The dialogue took place on 2 August. A month later, on September 2, RadonLab published a new post on Reddit, this time with a photo of Schwarzenegger smoking a pipe in the shape of the Terminator’s head. The actor signed it: “To Raidon. Thank you for the wonderful gift. ” The RadonLab post received almost 200 thousand likes per day, and Schwarzenegger once again praised the gift, but this time on Twitter.

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