A resident of Michigan bought a used sofa, which was hidden 43 thousand dollars

He returned the funds to the original owner, who inherited the sofa from his grandfather.

Howard Kirby transfers money to previous owner Snapshot Sally York / The Argus-Press via AP

Michigan resident Howard Kirby bought a sofa in a thrift store, in which he found 43 thousand dollars hidden. About this writes Fox News.

Kirby said that after he bought it, he was constantly uncomfortable sitting on it. The daughter decided to check the pillows and when she unzipped it, she found stacks of notes.

When she started pulling out money, I had to pinch myself to make sure I was awake or something like that.Howard Kirbysofa owner

The new owners found in the couch 43,170 dollars. After finding Kirby consulted with a lawyer about the rights to this money. It turned out that he did not need to return the money, but he turned to the store to find the previous owner.

It turned out that the sofa was inherited by the girl after the death of her grandfather. She did not know what was inside the money and gave it to the thrift store. After that, Kirby handed over the money to the former owner. He stated that he was thinking about using the money to lay a new roof, but he was glad that the funds had returned to their owner.


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