A resident of South Africa has been sitting in a wine barrel on a high pillar for more than two months. His goal is to spend 80 days in it

The man said that for him this is a psychological challenge.

Source Sky News

South African resident Vernon Krueger climbed into a 500-liter wine barrel on a 24-meter column and spent more than two months in it. The man does not plan to get down, because he wants to set a record after spending 80 days in it. About this writes Sky News.

Kruger is the current record holder for sitting in a barrel on a pole. In 1997, he set a record at 67, beating the Briton, who spent 54 days in it. On January 21, 2020, he again updated his own record, but has no plans to stop yet.

Source Sky News

The man said that living in a barrel is “not so bad.” Compared to last time, now he has a smartphone and social networks. He also said that he does exercises daily with a trainer who is on the ground. According to Kruger, this is necessary because he sleeps in a fetal position and this causes pain.

As for the needs of a man, he has a whole ground crew that helps him. People raise and lower everything they need, including food, bedding, and other needs.

Kruger said that now for him it is a psychological challenge, because to set this record requires psychological preparation. He noted that in his youth it was an exclusively physical test, but this has changed with age.

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