A retail employee announced that all Xbox One models had stopped delivering – mention of this appeared on Amazon

However, many bundles are still sold unmarked.

On July 9, an Xbox subreddit user said he works in the electronics department of the Target retailer network. He decided to check when there would be new shipments of Xbox One models and found that they were discontinued. In other words, there will be no new devices in the store after selling existing devices.

As users noticed, a message about the supply stop appeared on Amazon. For example, if you open the Xbox One S page in terabytes, then “Discontinued” is written directly in the position name. In this case, the seller of the goods is Microsoft itself, and not one of the third-party retailers.

The same postscript appeared on the diskless Xbox One S and Xbox One X pages . However, on the pages of some other offers it is not – mainly for bundles with games like Jedi: Fallen Order .

There is also no tag for the limited-edition Xbox One X bundle in the Cyberpunk 2077 style . This is the latest unique version of this console.

It seems that there is no question of a complete stop of deliveries, and officially Microsoft did not say anything about this. One way or another, July is a rather early date for such actions on the part of the company, given that the release of the Xbox Series X is planned only at the end of 2020.

The question, however, remains the Xbox Series S, known as Lockhart. According to media reports, it will cost less than the older model and is focused on playing in Full HD, rather than 4K. When it comes out, it is still unknown – moreover, officially the console has not even been presented.

Earlier, insider Brad Sams said that Microsoft initially planned to release the Xbox Series S in mid-October, and Series X in August 2020. The company has already abandoned this idea, but it remains likely that now everything will be the other way around, and the younger model will be released earlier.

The situation is unlikely to become clear on July 23, when Microsoft will hold its presentation of games for the Xbox Series X. According to media reports, the company will leave the topic of price and the exact release date of the console for later. Moreover, the announcement of the Xbox Series S is expected only in August, and it will probably be presented immediately with a price.


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