A third person died in China from an unknown virus

A new mysterious virus is spreading in China. Over the weekend , a third person died from it , the total number of infections reached 200, and new cases were recorded in Beijing, the southern part of the country and South Korea. The jump in incidence sharply raised the question of how exactly the virus is transmitted.

The first episode of infection was recorded in the city of Wuhan in central China. Nine patients from this city are currently in critical condition. During Saturday-Sunday 136 new cases of infection were recorded.

Some experts are worried that the outbreak may be more serious than the Chinese authorities describe. And the approach of the Chinese New Year and the boom of domestic tourism in this regard can lead to an explosive spread of the virus throughout the country and its departure from China.

Today, a woman from China with this disease has already been identified at Incheon’s South Korean airport. Three infections in Thailand and Japan were reported last week. It was about people who traveled through Wuhan.

The source of the virus and its transmission are still unknown. Samples were taken from infected patients, which experts have been studying for more than one week. The World Health Organization said on Sunday that it does not yet have evidence that the virus is transmitted from person to person.

Chinese authorities claim that the majority of those infected could be infected in one of Wuhan’s city markets, which sell seafood and animals. In infected, fever, cough, shortness of breath are fixed.


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