Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S20 will be delayed due to the Chinese coronavirus

Samsung will hold a presentation of the smartphone Galaxy S20. In anticipation of the event, it became possible to pre-reserve the new product, which will go on sale in early March. However, according to some reports, the first owners of the new flagship Samsung will have to do without accessories for the mobile phone.

It is reported by the German retailer MobileFun. The company receives notifications from major brands from China – they talk about possible long delays in deliveries due to coronavirus. This is due to the decision of the Chinese government to extend the celebration of the Lunar New Year due to the situation with the virus: many industries remain on holidays.

So, one of the major suppliers moved supplies from late February to early March, but the timing may change further. According to PhoneArena, Samsung has partners in other regions, which is likely to avoid a shortage of accessories for the Galaxy S20.

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