Actor Sean Connery Died

He was 90 years old.

The death of the British actor was confirmed by the BBC. According to the publication, Sean Connery had been feeling bad for some time and died on October 31 in his sleep.

Sean Connery is best known for the role of James Bond, whom he played in seven parts of the Bond film: from 1962 to 1967 – in the films “Doctor No”, “From Russia with Love”, “Goldfinger”, “Fireball” and “You Only Live Twice. “, In 1971 – in” Diamonds Are Forever “, in 1983 – in” Never Say Never “.

Connery became the first actor to play Bond, and according to polls, he was repeatedly recognized as the best of six performers who managed to star in this role by 2020.

Sean Connery as James Bond

Sean Connery as James Bond

Connery also played Indiana Jones’ father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, starred in The Hunt for Red October and The Rock, and won an Academy Award for his role in Brian de Palma’s Untouchables.

In total during his career, which Connery completed in 2003, he starred in more than 70 films – during this time the actor also received two BAFTA awards and became a three-time Golden Globe laureate.

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