Adaptive difficulty, leveling and games over time: Outriders details from the People Can Fly stream

At the first broadcast, they showed several minutes of pure gameplay and talked about one of the classes.

On May 28, Square Enix and People Can Fly hosted the first news stream about the Outriders cooperative shooter, which will be released in late 2020 – about half an hour with details about the game and answers to fans’ questions.

In a five-minute gameplay passage, the developers showed the passage of the mission in the First City, a settlement of colonialists on the planet Enoch. The pyro-heroine calls the flame to deal with opponents – both humans and alien perfo monsters with various abilities.

Around the middle of the assignment, a player of a different class joins the game, a trickster who helps the pyromaniac to get to the goal and cope with the boss.

Gameplay video without comments

They also talked about the trickster separately – this is a class designed to break into the battlefield, inflict as much damage as possible and escape from opponents. Many of the abilities are related to melee and time manipulations. During the stream, four out of eight were shown:

  • “Time slice”– paralyzes all enemies in a certain radius in front of them, causing them serious damage.
  • “Borrow time”– creates a “save point” and makes up for the shield. If you use the skill a second time, the hero teleports to the place where he used it before.
  • “Slowing trap”is a sphere that makes enemies and their shells inside it move slower.
  • “Hunter and victim”– notes one of the opponents. If you use the ability a second time, the hero teleports behind his back to the selected enemy, slowing him down.

The developers also introduced the trickster skill tree. Like other classes, it will have three branches, each of which is focused on different styles of gameplay. At the same time, during pumping, they will be able to be combined.

On the stream they talked about the general details related to the gameplay, complexity and mechanics of Outriders.

  • There are no first-aid kits in the game – to replenish health, you need to attack opponents. Each class has a bonus to healing under certain conditions, for example, in close combat.
  • Active abilities can be changed on the fly, if they are not currently restored.
  • The difficulty in the game is tied to a system of “world levels” similar to its counterpart in The Division.
  • Outriders has 15 “world levels” – each increases the parameters of enemies and makes it possible to “knock out” rarer and higher-quality items of equipment. You can change the level at any time.
  • To unlock the next “level of the world”, you need to earn experience, a small part of which is lost with each death.
  • Also, the difficulty will be automatically adjusted depending on the number of players in the co-op.
  • The interface can be fully customized, including or disabling its individual elements.
  • People Can Fly claims that Outriders is not a service game, but at the start, players will receive a full-fledged campaign.
  • Currently, developers are polishing the game and are finalizing many mechanics and balance.
  • There will be no microtransactions in the shooter.
  • The developers are not going to use the Denuvo anti-piracy system.

Full Stream Recording

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