Adobe has added in Photoshop processing by the AI, which can change the hair style, age and the expression of the face

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Adobe announced that in the next version of the graphics editor Adobe Photoshop (22.0) there will be a mode of automatic correction using neural networks.
Users will have access to a separate tab with “neuro filters”, which will allow you to quickly apply effects based on machine learning. For example, in landscape shots, you can change the color of the sky, the texture of the clouds, and the lighting.
Also, the neural network can convincingly “paint” black and white photographs, and in the future it will learn to automatically remove dust particles, defects in scanned photographs, JPEG artifacts and make a “superzoom” on ready-made photos.

For portraits, many settings are available, including adjusting age, hairstyle, facial hair, gaze direction. You can also change studio lighting, apply makeup, bokeh, and add various emotions like anger, surprise, or joy (or a combination of both).

On PCs with NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, neural networks use tensor cores and are faster, but in general, new features are available on any computer with Windows 10 or mac OS.

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