AirPods Pro owners complain about noise reduction after firmware upgrade

Headphones have become worse at dealing with “bass”: for example, with the sound of aircraft engines or cars.

On December 16, Apple released an AirPods Pro firmware update: the version number changed from 2B588 to 2C54. After that, the owners of the headphones began to complain about the deterioration of noise reduction.

Since then, Apple has suspended the update, so not all users managed to get it. AirPods Pro owners turned to the Rtings website for confirmation.

The authors examined the headphones and came to the conclusion that the 2C54 update really worsens the noise reduction. According to them, after repeated testing, the quality of insulation decreased, especially at low frequencies. This means that when noise canceling is on, the headphones no longer get rid of the noise of aircraft or bus engines as well as before.

However, in other tests, the 2C54 update showed AirPods performance improvements. According to Rtings, the headphones are better in frequency and more precisely in the “bass”.

Opinions were divided among  editors: one of the editors noticed a decrease in noise reduction, and the other didn’t, despite the fact that both had the latest firmware installed. A similar situation was developed by The Verge, where only a part of the staff also noticed the problem.

You can find out the AirPods Pro firmware version by going to “Settings – General – About this device – AirPods Pro”. For this, the headphones need to be pulled out of the charging case and connected to the iPhone.

Updating the internal firmware of AirPods takes place secretly and without the knowledge of users: Apple does not notify about this in any way. You cannot refuse the new version, it is installed automatically if the headphones are in a case that is connected to charging.


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