Amazon Crucible Shooter Authors Cancel Release – Beta Returns Game

Get out and get back in.

Studio Relentless announced that on July 1, the shareware shooter Crucible will go to the closed beta stage, despite the fact that the game was released in late May. Apparently, this is the first time that the developers themselves “cancel” the release.

From 19:00 Moscow time, the shooter will be available only to those who add it to their library on Steam. At the same time, “combat passes” and the item store will continue to work, and all players will retain their progress and will still be able to freely stream the game and share screenshots, videos and impressions.

The developers promise to interact with the audience as much as possible and take into account her wishes. Each week, Relenless employees will play along with test participants and directly receive feedback from them. In addition, the studio organizes a special council of community members – they plan to communicate with them especially closely.

The creators of Crucible emphasized that the release from the beta will take place only when the game will make key changes based on user experiences and in-game statistics. At the same time, the update plan already set by the developers in Trello will not change in any way.

In early June, the authors of the MOBA shooter announced that they would close two of the three modes that fell into the release version. At the moment, they continue to develop Heart of the Hives, which has become the “core” of the game.

The launch on Steam, where Crucible was released on May 20, was unsuccessful – almost half of the reviews were negative, and the peak online was 25 thousand people. The number of users continues to decrease – the peak for June 30 was only 154 people.


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