American students did not pass the test because of the photo format iPhone

High school students in Los Angeles were tested in literature and language as part of the Advanced Placement program. These are tests in subjects of increased complexity, and the points awarded for them are taken into account when submitting documents to universities. When completing assignments, detailed answers can be entered into the fields on a specialized site or you can take photographs of manually completed questionnaires and then upload them to the commission website.

It turned out that the specialized resource does not accept the format of photos taken on the iPhone – HEIC. It has several advantages over JPEG (in particular, the size of such files is smaller, and therefore you can store more pictures), but only a very limited number of platforms and systems are “understandable”.

For this reason, the schoolchildren who were trying to download the answers were left with nothing: the work done went down the drain. The teenagers went forward and were allowed to retake after three weeks.

The Union of US Colleges has issued a memo describing the problem and proposing a solution – change the file format in the settings. However, this was done when the next test had already begun, and therefore the unfortunate school graduates who own the iPhone will also go for a retake.

Others found out about the problem earlier and tried to convert files from HEIC to JPEG, but it took too long and the test results were not accepted. And someone tried to change the extension from HEIC to PNG or JPEG manually, but this did not work.

The owners of other smartphones did not have such problems (Samsung also supports HEIC, but it is not the main format).

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