AMOLED is not expensive. Smartphone Overview Huawei Y8p

So far, the main players in the smartphone market have an off-season lull: some flagships are already presented, the second will be announced later. It’s just the time to update the line of budget models in their portfolios. Today we have in review just such a device – Huawei Y8p worth Rs 14000. The highlight of the model is the AMOLED display. This is still rare in low-cost devices.

We spent a week with Huawei Y8p and are ready to share our impressions. As usual, only the essence and nothing more.

Briefly about the main thing

  • Thin, light, pretty. It may sound corny, but the Y8p fits very well in the hand and pleases the eye. The cover of our copy is designed in the form of a gradient with a transition from violet to light blue. Due to the predominantly light design, despite the glossy finish, fingerprints are invisible at right angles and are visible only at an angle.
  • All hardware buttons are located on the right side. There are no complaints about the power button, but I would like to get the volume keys a little lower.
  • The port is modern – USB Type-C. Despite the slim profile of the phone, there was enough space for an audio jack, it is located on top. On the left is a hybrid port for a SIM card and a memory card, or for two SIM cards.


  • Unlocking the face works the same way as on other smartphones without an infrared scanner and a 3D face shot, that is, it works fine in good light, thinks a little at dusk and does not work in complete darkness.
  • The fingerprint sensor, alas, is integrated under the screen. For some reason, this option is considered progressive, although it is not very convenient. Huawei Y8p has no problems with fingerprint recognition accuracy – in our case, it turned out to be close to 100%. Recognition speed, subjectively, has grown in comparison with older models, but is still far from the instant response of conventional capacitive sensors.
  • The display is good. We are dealing with a 6.3-inch AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 2400 × 1080 pixels (418 ppi). Visually find at least a hint of budget will not work. Traditionally, for matrices with organic LEDs, the color is perfect black, there are ample opportunities for adjusting the brightness of colors – from close to natural to juicy poisonous.
  • The Kirin 710F processor … The chip itself is not bad, but it is almost two years old, and back in 2018, it did not claim a flagship status. Today, the processor has enough power to draw the interface without lags and turn games on average, and sometimes below average settings.
  • 4 GB of RAM is enough, a 128 GB drive, in principle, is also enough for a long time – all the same, the smartphone can’t shoot video in 4K, and therefore there’s nothing to fill the space with.
  • The battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh for us with the active use of the smartphone was enough for two days of work, and a little remained for the third. Very good result!
  • The cameras seem to be three, but actually two, because the third is a depth sensor. The main 48-megapixel module and the 8-megapixel wide-angle sensor remain.
  • Two scenarios in which the Huawei Y8p cameras cannot be used: zooming in and out at night. This smartphone is not for zoom: it is digital and godlessly “soaping” here. The wide-angle camera at night is also powerless in front of the “daub”.
  • If you do not need zoom, then the rest of the main camera for this price range is very good. And both in daylight and at night. In the latter case, however, the main thing is not to forget to switch to night mode, because without it you get so-so. Macro photos are also good, with excellent detail and even a bokeh effect on the cat.
  •  The wide-angle camera is by and large superfluous. Although if there is a lot of light, and the desire to create is too itchy, then you can try experimenting with it. The main thing is not to expect too much from her.


Of course, the main “feature” of the Huawei Y8p is the presence of an AMOLED display. Given this circumstance and price category, the smartphone is actually the only competitor – Samsung Galaxy A31. The cost of the two smartphones is identical, the processors are different, but their performance is comparable. The volumes of RAM and internal memory are also identical.

The Galaxy A31 has the smallest largest display (6.4 inches versus 6.3 for the Y8p), an additional (albeit not very necessary) macro camera. In general, both models are very close in characteristics. If you need an inexpensive smartphone with an AMOLED matrix, then most likely you will choose between Huawei Y8p and Samsung Galaxy A31.

As an option, there is last year’s Xiaomi Mi 9T . His merits include a slightly more nimble Snapdragon 730 processor, the presence of a telephoto lens, as well as 6 GB of RAM. However, it has half the drive (or the same, but then much more expensive), in fact, a useless retractable camera (which means an extremely inconvenient unlocking on the face), as well as a higher price.


Huawei Y8p is notable primarily for its excellent AMOLED screen. Earlier in this price segment only Samsung products actually reigned, occasionally diluted with smaller smartphones from brands. Now the answer from Huawei has been announced. But what to choose from is a difficult question.

Y8p and Galaxy A31 are very close in characteristics, by and large identical. Perhaps this is just the case when you can choose according to appearance. Well, or by commitment to a particular brand.




8 Total Score
Author rating

Huawei Y8p is a worthy smartphone in its price category. It could not do without competitors, but there are few of them and the model is not inferior to them. Still a newer and more powerful processor, and the new product could declare itself even louder.

  • Display
  • Main camera
  • Design
  • Autonomy
  • Adequate price
  • Outdated processor
  • Wide angle camera
  • Fingerprinting
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