An American designer recreated his apartment in virtual reality in detail – and made a frame-by-frame comparison

He came home, put on a VR helmet – and ended up in a simulation of his house.

On January 17, Spatial Computing’s designer named Greg Madison posted a video on social media about the potential of VR technology on social media. In the video, the author walks through a virtual apartment, while using devices that are not in real life: for example, the Google Maps application is displayed on the table, and notes for the synthesizer are projected directly on the wall.

Madison used the video to complain about the lack of such applications and games using similar technology. But users drew more attention to something else – the designer in detail recreated his own apartment in virtual reality: the interior, the location of the furniture and each corner practically repeat the real analogue. This can be seen in the frame-by-frame comparison.

Madison told Kotaku that it took him 22 hours to create the apartment in SketchUp. He modeled all this manually: “The most difficult was to take measurements so that everything corresponded with an accuracy of two millimeters.” To start the designer used the Unity engine and the Oculus Quest wireless helmet.

The result was a VR apartment, a walk that Madison described as “something amazing.” Often, virtual reality is used to put the user in new worlds. But here the developer walked in a helmet around the same apartment in which he was at that moment.

Madison recreated the apartment not just for fun. He is going to use it to test ideas on how applications and games can be integrated with real spaces. Some of them, for example, a map on the kitchen table, can already be seen in the video.

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