An Australian dentist claims a loss of revenue due to a recall on Google. The court ordered the company to disclose the author

The dentist wants to sue the author of the review.

Snapshot Charles Platiau, Reuters

The Australian Federal Court has ordered Google to provide information about the author of the negative review about the services of a dentist from Melbourne. The doctor said that he had lost thousands of dollars because of him and intends to sue the user, writes The Guardian.

Melbourne dentist Matthew Kabbab was outraged by the negative feedback from an anonymous user on Google. An unidentified man who called himself CBsm 23 claimed that the Kababbe treatment was “extremely awkward and uncomfortable” and called the procedure “a waste of time”.

At first, the dentist asked Google to remove the review, but the corporation refused to do so. After that, he asked Google for user information to sue him.

Australian Judge Bernard Murphy upheld Kabbab’s request and ordered Google to provide all user information, including name, IP address, phone numbers, and other metadata. He also demanded to provide information about all users who performed actions from the specified IP address at the same time as the review was published.

This is not Australia’s first verdict on the dangers of Google reviews. In early February, the South Australian Supreme Court awarded Adelaide attorney Gordon Cheng $ 750,000 in compensation. He said he lost about 80% of his business due to reviews on Google, after which doctors diagnosed him with depression.

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