An engineer from the United States assembled a “nostalgic” mobile phone with a rotary dial numbers

No touch screens, voice commands and other modern things – you put your finger in the drum and spin, dialing each number.

An employee at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York, Justine Haupt, designed and assembled a cell phone with dial dials that link to home phones of the past. The girl spoke in detail about the creation of the device in her blog.

In an interview with Wired, Haupt emphasized that she opposes modern smartphones due to the fact that they have “a lot of distracting functions.” For a long time she went with the “clamshell” LG, but then decided to collect her phone: “I wanted something more personal, tactile and giving me an excuse why I do not write SMS.”

Before development, the engineer determined for herself a number of functional criteria:

  • The phone must have an external removable antenna for receiving a signal;
  • The phone should not have a menu through which you need to get to the necessary functions, in particular, calls: “This is bullshit”;
  • The device should have an LED indicator of the battery charge level;
  • On the back of the phone should be a small ePaper-screen, showing incoming messages;
  • No touch off buttons – just a toggle switch.

Haupt picked up a disk drive from an old Trimline home telephone. Then she connected it with a microcontroller and a mobile transmitter. The girl placed the entire “stuffing” in a case printed on a 3D printer. The first version of the phone worked for about two hours, but the engineer brought the operating time from one charge to a day.

Haupt managed to put everything that she planned into the device. The curved ePaper screen works by the principle of a pager, showing it missed calls and messages. She cannot answer SMS, but she can call back. At the same time, the disk mechanism itself is used for new numbers – Haupt has all the friends and relatives on the speed dial buttons.

At first, the author of the phone thought that the development would not take much time: at work she was engaged in the creation of devices for cosmology and astronomy. As a result, the creation of the device on the weekend lasted for three years. But, according to Haupt, now she uses her disk mobile phone as the main one.

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