An industrial designer has created packaging for instant noodles: it turns into sauce when it comes in contact with water

The wrapper will get rid of the plastic, which is usually used for packaging.

Photo Holly Grounds

Industrial designer Holly Grounds has developed instant noodle packaging that turns into a sauce when it comes in contact with water. The idea of ​​the project is to reduce environmental pollution with plastic.

Standard sets of instant noodles are packed in plastic bags, inside of which usually lie smaller bags – with sauces and spices. Grounds decided to completely abandon them, making a packaging based on starch, which dissolves in contact with water and turns into sauce. Larger ingredients, such as dried shrimp, are stored inside the wrapper until it dissolves.

The designer herself proposed to store the noodles in paper bags with a wax coating.

Grounds told Dezeen that she was able to carry out all the tests in the kitchen, and she called the wrapping process “very simple”: “The ingredients are mixed and heated until the mixture reaches the desired density. After that, add spices and flavorings, then pour it into the mold for settling for 24 hours. ” Then, dried noodle blocks are wrapped in the resulting film.


Place the noodles on a plate / Pour boiling water to cook the noodles and dissolve the film / Stir and enjoy  Photo Holly Grounds

Grounds also conducted a speed test, which showed that the noodles wrapped in a film cooked faster than the noodles in the set which contain bags of sauces. The difference was a minute, the wrapper did not affect the taste or texture of the noodles, the designer noted.

Grounds believes that packaging can be used for other products. For example, for rice or pasta. The wrapper will allow you to use less plastic and immediately prepare food in batches.


Photo Holly Grounds




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