Another “Groundhog Day”, Aquaman without muscles and the new version of “Radiance”: the best advertisement for Super Bowl 2020

We look at what brands have prepared for an event where one ad slot costs more than $ 5 million.

On February 3, Miami hosted the Super Bowl – the final of the American Football Championship (NFL). The event attracts the attention of millions of viewers every year, which is why the match has turned into a prestigious advertising platform for which companies are preparing their best videos. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2020, the cost of a 30-second block reached $ 5.6 million.


A Budweiser beer ad with “Whassup” cheers is a true Super Bowl classic. The 1999 video remained in pop culture thanks to parodies in “Scary Movie” and “Office”. 21 years later, the company returned to Whassup, but already with technology-adjusted options.

And again, “Groundhog Day”

Jeep made an advertisement in the style of Groundhog Day – a traditional American holiday almost coincides with the Super Bowl by date. The main role in the video, as in the film, was played by actor Bill Murray. According to the plot, he again falls into a temporary loop, steals the groundhog, but does not try to break out, because “every day with the Jeep Gladiator turns into a new adventure.”

“How not to forget”

Unlike many brands, Google has not prepared Hollywood ads for the Super Bowl. But a minimalistic video using the company’s services tells the touching story of an elderly man who remembers his dead wife.

The same scene from The Shining

Brian Cranston (Breaking Bad) recreated for Mountain Dew the famous scene from the movie Radiance. How does this relate to a carbonated drink? Better to see for yourself.

2019 musical memes – in 2020 ads

Lil Nas X became famous for his song “Old Town Road” a year ago, but it still works – at the end of January, the rapper performed it at the Grammy ceremony. And the Doritos chips brand invited him to a dance battle in the style of a duel of the Wild West.

Let go and forget

Audi did not think long about the advertisement: they took Macy Williams (Game of Thrones), put him in a car and asked them to sing the famous song Let it go from Frozen. Is that all? And that’s it.

And his name is John Cena

In a Mechelob beer ad, John Cena teaches Jimmy Fallon the right way to do sports. Well, then you can take a break in the bar for a bottle of beer.

Aquaman (or Khal Drogo) without muscle

Jason Momoa starred in an advertisement for a mortgage company, and everything in the video started normally. The actor comes home, takes off his shoes. Then he removes his inflated biceps (?), Torso (??) and hair (???).

How they lived without Alexa before

Amazon’s voice assistant advertisement from Amazon is about how they used to do without a virtual assistant at different times. But there were real assistants, and they were also called Alexes.

Four words about love

New York Life talks a little about how love was expressed in ancient Greece. “Philia” is an affection that grows out of friendship, “Storge” for love of family and “Eros” as an uncontrollable desire. And what does the fourth word, “Agape”, mean from the video.

Morty and Pringles

Pringles decided to make its own video in the Rick and Morty universe. True, Rick does not really like it – after all, his grandson became a robot advertising chips.

Winona to Winona

Advertising plays up the ironic situation where actress Winona Ryder ends up in Winona, Minnesota. All this in order to talk about the site builder.

Hulu brings fans to a heart attack

Tom Brady is a living legend, the New England Patriots quarterback, who has already won everything he can. A few days before the Super Bowl, a veteran posted a photo in the tunnel of the stadium – and fans decided that the athlete would announce his retirement. But it turned out that this was a hoax for advertising the Hulu service.

Facebook glorifies unusual communities

Facebook decided to show which interest groups are on the social network. Lovers to let “pancakes” on the water? Yes. Club of lovers of craft cocktails? And there is such a thing. People who repeat Rocky Balboa’s workout? Let’s call Sylvester Stallone there.

Coca-Cola Power Engineer with Scorsese

Do you think director Martin Scorsese is already old? In advertising, he calls for a much younger John Hill party, but he wants to spend time at home. The power engineer helps, of course.

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