Any bank card has become an NFC tag for the iPhone. Very comfortably

iOS 13 has greatly boosted the NFC capabilities of the iPhone, as well as the functionality of the Siri Team app .

Now any bank card with the contactless payment function (you definitely have one) can be used as an NFC tag .

Bring the card to the iPhone – and any command is automatically executed. For example, a bank application opens. Or the light goes out at home.

No need to buy any NFC tags anymore, which is great. I’m telling you how to configure a feature.

In short: what are Teams?

For those who are not up to date, the Team application has been built into iOS for two years now and allows you to execute complex algorithms in just one tap .

For example, instantly download videos from Instagram, automatically change entire lists of iOS settings, set complex reminders, and so on.

Teams can be made planned, responsive to geolocation changes, or simply turned on right from the iOS desktop.

My few commands and application interface in iOS.

We already wrote in detail about the capabilities of the Teams and made selections of the most interesting of them

Apple itself approached the topic perfectly: right in the Teams there is a Gallery section with a large list of ready-made algorithms. So I advise you to look there, this is a great thing for those who want to automate monotonous or complex actions with an iPhone with one click.

In iOS 13.1, a new kind of command has been added: Automation . These are automatically triggered Commands – action algorithms that respond to changes in device settings, change of geolocation and other passive situations without direct user interaction with the gadget.

It Automation and we will need further.

Instructions: how to make a bank card NFC tag for Teams in iOS

Alas, old iPhones are incompatible with this feature. Their NFC readers do not scan the signal in passive mode. iPad also pass by, they simply do not have NFC-modules.

You will need an iPhone Xs / XR and newer with iOS 13.1 firmware. Well, a bank card with contactless payment. They are now issued almost everywhere, even some MIR should come up.

1. Open the Team application on the iPhone. If it is not, free download from the App Store

2. Go to the Automation section (this is below)

3. Create a New Automation -> Create Automation for Yourself

4. At the bottom of the list that opens, click on the NFC item

5. Poke on the Scan button opposite the NFC tag

6. We attach the card to the iPhone, it is possible both from below and from above

7. Name the tag as you like, I advise you to write at least the bank itself, so as not to confuse

8. Click in the upper right corner on the Next

9. Tap on Add action .

Here we include fantasy. You can add all the functions that are generally available through Automation to your new NFC bank tag . Even previously saved quick commands (your own or from external sources).

As you finish playing the programmer, do not forget to save the resulting automation.

Do not forget to turn off the “Ask before launch” setting.

I also highly recommend opening the just created one and turning off the Ask before launch option . Otherwise, you will have to confirm the execution of the command manually each time you attach the card.

Tested, does it work? Excellent!

The range of NFC in bank cards is very small, so the iPhone must be applied to the “plastic” point blank. Covers degrade recognition, but with original leather and silicone there will be no problems. But metal will definitely hinder.

What can you do now?

For iPhone, a bank card is no different from a “purchased” NFC tag . Therefore, you can use plastic as an activator of absolutely any Automation algorithm .

The simplest idea? Hold the card, the bank application opens. Not impressive, but quite convenient when you need someone to translate.

It is much more logical to take an expired card and use it stationary. Put it on the table at work, in the car, at home somewhere. And just swipe her on an iPhone to launch a team.

The same timer for washing is excellent to set: while loading the machine, put the iPhone on a pre-prepared card. And everything, like did nothing, and the iPhone will now remind.

Even more useful this feature will be the owners of gadgets for smart homes. For example, an unnecessary bank card can be put next to the bed. Swipe her on the iPhone and at the same time do a bunch of everything: turn off the lights in the apartment and all the sockets, put the door on the alarm , turn on the nightlights, Do Not Disturb on the iPhone, set the alarm for 7 am …

By the way, transport cards like Troika , Nintendo Amiibo toys, and NFC wireless headphones can also be made team activators. In general, everything that has NFC is suitable, even your progress from work.

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