Apple allowed masked users to skip Face ID unlocking. They will immediately be able to enter a password

Along with the release of the update, the Covid-19 case contact tracking system has also been launched.

Apple has released iOS and iPad OS 13.5 updates . They made it possible to skip Face ID authorization for masked users.

Now the device can be immediately unlocked with a password. Before that, I had to wait until the system tried to recognize the face, or click on the lock icon.

The update also introduced the Covid-19 contact tracking system, developed by Apple and Google. If the owner of the device becomes ill, he will be able to report this, and everyone who has contacted him will receive notifications about a possible infection.

Apple and Google sent code samples to developers and showed the interface of the Covid-19 contact tracking system

Companies do not develop end-user applications on their own, they only provide an interface for interaction with health authorities. One application can be released per country of the world, 22 countries have already joined the system, among them there is no Russia yet.

In addition, the update includes the function of disabling the increase in the talking interlocutor in GroupTime group calls. When switching, all participants in the conversation will cease to recede into the background when someone speaks alone.

IOS and iPadOS 13.5 also added the ability to send a virtual medical card when calling an ambulance – doctors can get it if the setting is activated. And songs from Apple Music can be shared in Instagram stories.

The updates also fixed two vulnerabilities that affected the Mail application: one allowed attackers to infect the device remotely by sending emails that used a significant amount of memory, and the other allowed remote code execution.

iOS 13.5 will be one of the last major updates before the release of the next version of the system – iOS 14. It will be presented at WWDC 2020, which will be held for the first time online.


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