Apple and Broadcom will pay $ 1.1 billion for patent infringement on Wi-Fi

About four years ago, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) sued Apple and Broadcom for infringing several patents on Wi-Fi technology. After a series of trials and court hearings, a decision was made in favor of Caltech: Apple should pay $ 837 million, Broadcom – $ 270 million.

The amount was obtained on the basis of calculations, which apparently take into account hypothetical loyalty from the use of the described technologies for the period since 2010. That is, Caltech could receive money if Broadcom and Apple concluded an agreement with the organization.

In Caltech, it was assumed that for each device with communication chips that support 802.11n and 801.11ac, Apple would pay $ 1.4, Broadcom – 26 cents. Apple and Broadcom lawyers indicate that when registering a patent, its authors did not anticipate the possibility of using the technology in Wi-Fi communication modules. They thought about this only after they learned about its possible implementation in Broadcom and Apple products.

Apple intends to file an appeal, reports The Verge.

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