Apple approves Hey email client update after charges of forcing in- app payment

The owners of the service compared the company with the mafia, but followed the advice of Apple’s vice president and added a free subscription – that’s why the update was approved.

On June 19, Apple approved the update of the Hey email client after threats to remove the application, unless developers add the ability to pay for a subscription directly in the application. About Basecamp, the company owner of the service, reported a few hours before the start of WWDC 2020.

The company approved the update after the developers have told us on Twitter, that will follow the advice of the Vice-President, Global Communications Apple Phil Schiller and update applications.

Basecamp thanked Apple for approving the update. Developers added registration directly in the application – users can get free access to the service for 14 days. “Consider this a temporary SIM card that you buy when traveling or for cases when you do not want to use your mail address as your base,” Basecamp said. The company also talked about corporate services, where only the company pays for the subscription.

And Phil, we have reserved the mailing address @ address for you. Free for life, this is our gift to you. Let me know [if you decide to use it].


On June 16, Basecamp founder David Heinemeyer Hansson said that Apple refused to skip updating the Hey email client that was released the day before due to the fact that purchases there are not inside the application, but through the company’s website. Apple has promised to uninstall the application if developers do not implement payment through in-app purchases. Hansson compared the company with mafiosi.

Three days later, Apple announced that it would not change the rules of the App Store due to complaints from developers forcing them to introduce payment within applications.


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