Apple asked users what they do with old power adapters when buying new iPhones

Question with a hint.

Apple asked users about using chargers for iPhones. In one of the questions, the company asked what the owners of smartphones do with old power adapters. This was noticed in 9to5Mac.

Apparently, only users who previously had an iPhone, but they recently purchased a new model, were invited to take the survey. In addition to questions about the use of charging, Apple asked what users are doing with old power adapters and suggested choosing from several answer options:

  • gave to a family member or friend;
  • sent for processing;
  • lost;
  • the adapter no longer works or works poorly;
  • still using at home;
  • still use outside the home (at work, at school or elsewhere);
  • I still have the adapter, but I do not use it;
  • sold separately or with an iPhone.

    Question about old charges from the Apple Questionnaire Twitter screenshot @bedabb_

    The first about the survey on old charges was reported by a Twitter user from Brazil under the pseudonym Gunstaxl, the company asked him about the fate of the adapter for his past iPhone XR. After that, MacRumors found another iPhone owner from this country who received the letter. The user, under the pseudonym bedabb_, was asked about charging for his past iPhone 7 Plus.

    The survey separately emphasized that it was a USB adapter, not a Lightning cable. The authors of MacRumors suggested that the newsletter could be limited only to Brazil, as they did not find messages from other countries.

    As recalled in 9to5Mac, this is not the first time that Apple has polled users about its products. Once the company was interested in the availability of a headphone jack for the MacBook Pro, but since then the MacBooks have not lost the connector.

    Apple began sending out a survey on old charges amid rumors that a power adapter along with EarPods would be removed from the 2020 iPhones. According to analyst Min-Chi Kuo, this is how the company will preserve old prices, but will pay for new 5G components in devices.


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