Apple began selling refurbished iPhone XS and XS Max

On the Apple site were recovered (RFB) iPhone XS and XS Max, released in 2018, according to MacRumors. Smartphones are significantly cheaper compared to new versions of the same devices.

So, the 5.8-inch iPhone XS at the start cost $ 999 for the version with 64 GB of memory, and now – $ 699. The 256 GB model has fallen in price from $ 1149 to $ 829, and the top-end version with 512 GB of memory has fallen from $ 1349 to $ 999. The flagship XS Max with a 6.5-inch display has also fallen in price: now the 64 GB version starts at $ 799, while the new one costs $ 1099. Memory options for 256 and 512 GB are also noticeably cheaper: $ 929 ($ 1249) and $ 1099 ($ ​​1449), respectively.

Officially restored iPhone, they are also RFB (Refurbished), are instances with used parts. They have a new case and completeness, the devices are tested according to strict Apple criteria. Such smartphones are covered by a one-year warranty similar to the new iPhone. When checking the serial number, the RFB smartphone should appear inactive.

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