Apple boosts iMessage: deleting messages from the interlocutor, mention and not only

Resource MacRumors learned that Apple is testing several iMessage features at once. It is not known whether they will appear in iOS 14, but the company will probably introduce them.

The first interesting innovation is the mention. This is a feature that allows you to mark a user in a group chat using @, as in other instant messengers. When you enter this character, a list of suggested contacts appears.

Second novelty: delete messages after sending. That is, if you change your mind so that the other person reads it, you can simply erase the message. However, it is unclear how long it will be available.

In addition, “input indicators” in group chats will appear in iMessage. For example, you can mark the last message as unread. Or type / me to change your personal status. [ MacRumors ]

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