Apple demands to ban the book of the former head of the German App Store. There are secrets of business

Apple sues Tom Sadowski, former head of the German App Store. After his dismissal, he released the App Store Confidential book , which talks about the work of the app store.

The company’s lawyers believe that Sadowski violated the terms of the contract by publishing trade secrets that are of serious economic value.

The writer and his publisher deny all allegations. Those who read the book reported that there was nothing secret in it.

The author talks about his personal experience and mainly talks about the obvious (1. Enrich the lives of people. The application should enrich the lives of users. 2. Monetization. Applications should turn users into paying customers). In general, the book is more like a superficial report than a serious business analysis.

Sadowski also talks about visiting Apple headquarters and meeting with Tim Cook.

Apple demands to withdraw the book from sale, recall the sold copies and destroy the remaining ones.

Sadowski worked at Apple for 10 years. He has been marketing iTunes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and until 2019 led the German division of the App Store. [ 9to5Mac ]

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