Apple finally explained why there is no Calculator and Weather on the iPad

Many owners of the iPad for almost ten years have been wondering why there are no Calculator and Weather apps on the tablet. Craig Federigi, Apple’s senior vice president of software development at Apple, has finally explained the problem.

Blogger Marquez Brownley asked a question about apps while recording a podcast from Federigi .

In short, Apple still has not figured out how to adapt the Calculator and Weather to the iPad screen .

The moment with the answer of Federigi at 14:31.

More details:

You know, there are things that we did not do because we want to show something really impressive in this field. I think it’s obviously easy to make a calculator, but not such that everyone says “Wow!” Is the greatest calculator for the iPad. We want to release a calculator when it really will be very good. Honestly, we have not yet bothered to make it cool, so this time is still ahead.

And the weather. Easy enough to enlarge our existing Weather app. But we are thinking about what a really good Weather app for iPad should be. Perhaps someone will do it earlier than us. There are good examples on the App Store.

Craig Federigi, Senior Vice President, Apple Software Development

Of course, the timing of the appearance of the Calculator and the Weather on the iPad Federigi, of course, not announced.


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