Apple has banned streaming gaming services on the iPhone and iPad

Bloomberg reports that Apple has tightened the rules for publishing apps on the App Store. In the store, programs from streaming game services are prohibited.

The rules prohibit the application from acting as a game repository that may contain content from other publishers. That is, GeForce NOW , Google Stadia and others will not be able to get into the App Store.

You can offer a single subscription that applies to your own applications and services, but these subscriptions may not apply to third-party applications or services.

The games offered in the game subscription must belong to the developer or be licensed exclusively by them (for example, not be part of the platform for publishing games).

Each game should be downloaded directly from the App Store and designed in such a way as to avoid duplication of payments by the subscriber, and should not disadvantage customers who are not subscribers.

– excerpt from the rules

This rule does not apply to Apple Arcade, since all games are downloaded directly from the App Store. Plus this is not a streaming service.

Only the GameClub application could pass the moderation , because it offers to download the program from the Apple store. Yes, and approval took 127 attempts. [ 9to5 ]


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