Apple introduced iOS 14 with widgets on the desktop

Apple finally introduced iOS 14. In this firmware, the company made a number of changes.

We are waiting for a lot of new things, starting with the appearance of the desktop and ending with small functions.


Meet me. Desktop Widgets

Now, expandable widgets will appear on the iPhone’s desktop. Sizes can be changed, they are always active.

But these are not all desktop changes. Libraries of installed applications have appeared. They are automatically organized into sections. There is a built-in search.

Theoretically, this is more convenient than folders.

And yes, applications can be viewed as a list.

The new Smart Stack function independently selects applications for display on the desktop, depending on your preferences, habits and daily routine. Powered by Neural Engine.

Siri has changed and takes up less space

Siri Voice Assistant is no longer displayed full screen. Call it, and it appears as a small icon at the bottom of the screen.

Built-in translator

In iOS 14, a translator application has appeared that can understand even a voice message. That is, translate a foreign language in real time.

And yes, Russian is supported.

IMessage and Memoji Update

Conversations appeared in the messenger: the function gives you the ability to quickly respond to messages in dialogs, contacts are fixed at the top of the screen.

As for Memoji, they have expanded customization. New appearance elements, accessories, masks were added, even age settings are allowed.


Yes, this innovation has long been on Android. However, now the function of displaying video on the desktop of iPhones or in various applications has appeared in iOS 14.


Meet the new CarKey option. It allows you to completely replace the car keys with an iPhone. Auto data is stored in Wallet.

With CarKey, you can open doors, start the engine, and more. Currently only available in the latest BMW i5.

Improved CarPlay

Now on the CarPlay desktop, you can change your own wallpaper. In addition, new applications will be added, such as finding places to eat.

Access to applications by QR code

Meet another new feature – App Clips. These are lightweight versions of applications with little functionality. For example, a calculator or online shopping programs.

Such programs are stored on the desktop, but are dotted.

You can download App Clips using special QR codes or directly from the browser.

Incoming calls are now not displayed in full screen

It’s revolution, Johny!

They waited. In iOS 14 application, incoming calls are no longer displayed in full screen. They have a separate small interface.

The same design and iPadOS 14.

iPadOS 14

Everything has changed here just like in iOS 14. However, there are minor innovations specifically for tablets.

Added a sidebar with navigation. You can drag and drop photos between folders and sections.

Similar sidebars will appear in Files and Notes, as well as many other applications.

Improved the capabilities of the Apple Pencil – now the shape drawings are automatically converted to even shapes. You can select handwritten text and change it according to the words, as if it were a regular font.

Spotlight search on iPadOS now works in much the same way as on macOS. This is a separate search bar displayed on top of applications.

The release of operating systems will take place in the fall of 2020. Today will be the first beta version for developers. Public – in July.


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