Apple Introduces Active Noise Canceling AirPods Pro Vacuum Headphones

They will appear on sale on October 30 at a price of 20,990 rubles.

Updated at 21:45: added details about the new headphone control system.

Apple announced active noise canceling AirPods Pro. They differ from the main version in design and at a higher price of $ 249.

Active noise canceling uses two built-in microphones in each AirPods Pro to compensate for ambient noise. An external microphone recognizes sounds and analyzes the environment, and the second is located inside the headphone and eliminates residual noise, adjusting the sound with a frequency of up to 200 times per second.

The Apple website also says that the headphones automatically adjust the low and mid frequencies depending on the geometry of the user’s ear. For this, a special amplifier with a wide dynamic range is built into them.

Like Beats Noise Canceling Headphones, AirPods Pro has “Transparent Mode”. When using it, some sounds of the world are heard, for example, the noise of an approaching car or an announcement in transport.

Unlike regular AirPods, in the Pro version there is no tap management on the body. Instead, special areas have appeared on the bottom of the headphones that need to be pressed.

AirPods Pro runs on the H1 chip used in the second-generation AirPods, announced in March 2019. The Apple website says that the headphones work on a single charge as much as the original AirPods – up to five hours in music listening mode or up to 4.5 hours if active noise reduction is turned on. When recharged from the case, they are able to work up to 24 hours.


AirPods Pro will ship with three different size silicone tips in the kit. Users will be able to choose the most suitable option.

To facilitate the selection of nozzles, AirPods Pro has a special test built in to help you understand how tight the headphones are. The algorithm is able to determine the result in a few seconds and advise to change the liner in case of insufficiently tight fit.

The headphones also received protection against moisture and dust according to the IPX4 standard. They cannot be used for swimming or diving in water, but they will withstand rain or sweat.

AirPods Pro will be available from October 30, pre-order them from October 28 on the Apple website or at resellers.


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