Apple may abandon Lightning in favor of USB Type-C

European lawmakers are actively discussing the possibility of mandatory use of one type of charger for all mobile equipment. A standardized and unified interface, in their opinion, will reduce the volume of “electronic waste”, while at the same time making users’ lives easier and more comfortable.

The European Commission had previously tried to advance this idea by stimulating the development of a universal solution, but nothing came of it. The European Commission offers to choose one of the most popular connectors (micro-USB, Type-C or Lightning) and use only it in the region. In the near future, this issue will be sent to a vote.

There remains a chance that the “requirement” will be advisory in nature and Apple will be able to refuse to follow it. Earlier in the American company said that the transition to a universal connector will slow down technological innovation. In addition, the bulk transition from Lightning to Type-C will make the wires and adapters that users have unnecessary, and this will only spur the growth of e-waste.

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