Apple may postpone new iPhone until 2021

Business sources at Nikkei Asian Review say Apple is discussing a delay in launching the iPhone with 5G, scheduled for September 2020. The problem is a pandemic that disrupted the supply chain and production schedules. In addition, Apple fears a decline in consumer interest in the iPhone on the background of coronavirus infection.

The Apple leadership wants the first iPhone with a 5G module to become a bestseller, since it is already significantly behind in the implementation of this communication standard from Samsung and Huawei.

Since many Apple employees are now in quarantine, the final decision to postpone the presentation of new models may take place at the end of May. In the meantime, suppliers have been asked to postpone mass production for several months. Perhaps the company will have time to bring new products to the market at the end of 2020, but in the worst case, the model will have to be postponed to 2021.


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