Apple One. This is a single subscription to all services of the company

One of the heroes of Apple’s first autumn presentation was a universal subscription, which covers all the company’s popular services at once . There will never be any confusion in this matter again.

Before the presentation, we were sure that Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV + and even iCloud would be available to us within the Apple One. From this material, you will learn what the company’s universal subscription really turned out to be.

What is Apple One One Subscription

Apple One is a single, premium subscription to all popular Apple services at once . It makes the use of streaming, entertainment and other services of the company more comfortable.

You no longer need to keep track of several separate subscriptions at once. There is no need to control which one ends and when. There is no need to put money on the card on time, so that, for example, not be left without your favorite music.

Moreover, Apple One costs significantly less than all the services that come with a single subscription. Apparently, this should become an even greater motivator in order to issue it in the very near future.

What services will be included in Apple One

Apple One is not just one subscription that needs to be assessed specifically for yourself. Instead of forcing you to put up with the peculiarities of one system, Apple offers three at once to choose from. There are options for everyone.

Individual plan. In the US, it costs $ 15 a month and includes access to Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and iCloud (50 GB of storage).

As the name implies, this subscription applies to one specific user.

Family plan. Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and iCloud (200GB storage) are also available for $ 20 / month under this plan.

Nevertheless, they open not to one specific user, but to a whole group of close people, which can be up to six people.

Premium plan. As the name implies, this service is tailored for those users who are used to receiving everything at once.

It already costs $ 30 and additionally offers a subscription to Apple News, as well as Apple Fitness +, a new sports service from the company that is not yet available in our country.

Oh yeah, it offers a whopping 2 TB of storage in iCloud, which should be enough for even the most demanding users.

Full information about the Apple One in Pakistan is available here .

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