Apple Pro Display XDR called useless for true professionals

Apple calls the Pro Display XDR “the best monitor in the world for professionals.” Professionals decided to verify this statement and came to the conclusion that the Apple monitor is only good for consuming content (watching a movie, for example), but not for creating it. Comparison took the HDTVTest browser, which tested the Pro Display XDR and Sony BVM-HX310.

An Apple monitor costs $ 5 thousand, a Sony solution costs more than $ 40 thousand. The reason for the comparison is connected with advertising statements by an American company that considers the Pro Display XDR an alternative to real professional monitors. In addition, Apple itself mentioned the Sony monitor during the presentation as a reference.

Vincent Theo of HDTVTest noted some of the main problems specific to the Apple monitor: not always correct color reproduction and contrast at the brightness peaks, “so-so” image uniformity, there are many questions when displaying dark scenes, the appearance of highlighted areas, black looks gray and some others.

According to the expert, the monitor, which is positioned as a professional solution for commercial projects, should not compromise. “Imagine JJ Abrams standing behind you and asking you to slightly increase the intensity of the flare in a certain frame. You must be sure that the special effect that you add will look the same on all screens. This cannot be guaranteed with Pro Display XDR. ”

The expert believes that the Pro Display XDR is a monitor with an IPS matrix and 576 full-matrix local dimming zones and the Apple logo. Is it fair to compare the monitor for $ 5 thousand and $ 40 thousand? “Apple is comparing, ” Vincent Theo replied.

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