Apple Releases Beta Versions of iOS and iPadOS with Covid-19 Contact Tracking System

And the function of automatic authorization by Face ID with a mask on.

Apple has released the third beta version of iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 with the contact tracking system for patients with coronavirus, which is being developed jointly with Google. Systems also have the opportunity to skip authorization by Face ID if the user looks at the screen in a mask.

Apple and Google’s tracking system will work through an API that will be implemented on iOS and Android using system updates. After that, companies will release an SDK for developers, which will allow you to develop applications using the new API.

During the first phase of the launch, healthcare organizations from around the world will be able to create applications to confirm the diagnosis of confirmed coronavirus. After that, the system will begin to use Bluetooth to search for those with whom the diseased contacted and send notifications of potential infections.

Starting April 29th, companies began testing the system and sent out an internal version of the API to some developers working with medical organizations. Additional details and an example of using the code were promised to be published publicly on May 1.

As noted in 9to5Mac, in the iOS and iPadOS update, automatic authentication by Face ID appeared. Now the system will ask you to immediately enter the unlock code if the owner of the device is wearing a mask. As planned by the company, thanks to this, users will no longer take off masks to unlock smartphones or tablets.

Apple and Google announced a partnership to develop a joint coronavirus contact tracing system on April 10. They plan to launch the system for all users in mid-May.


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