Apple revealed the launch date and details of the first WWDC online. The conference will be held on June 22 on the Apple Developer platform.

The company also announced the Swift Student Challenge for students.

The first WWDC online conference starts on June 22. She will be led through the application and the site for developers Apple Developer. This was reported to  by Apple.

Participation in the conference for the first time will be free for all developers. Typically, attending a session with Apple engineers costs $ 1,599. To get a slot, you need to win 100 people in a contest.

For the first time, Apple uses the Apple Developer platform to interact with developers in real time. Usually it records seminars and lectures from the conference.

This year, the WWDC will not only be held in a unique format, but will be the largest in its entire history: our community of developers from around the world, more than 23 million people, will come together for one week in June to learn about the future of Apple platforms.

Phil schiller

Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing

Apple recommended that all developers download the Apple Developer application – through it they will report additional information about the organization of WWDC, including the schedule of seminars, workshops and more. Changes can also be monitored through the Apple Developer website and by email.

Along with the announcement of the start date of the conference, Apple announced the Swift Student Challenge – a competition for student developers to which they can submit their mini-applications in Swift. Students over 13 years old from accredited educational institutions or members of the Apple Academy for Developers can take part in it.

The main objective of the competition is the creation of an interactive mini-application in Swift Playground, which could be studied in three minutes. The jury will evaluate creativity, technical implementation and more. Winners will receive an exclusive jacket with WWDC20 symbols and a set of badges. The competition will run until 09:59 on May 18th.

In 2020, Apple will host the 31st WWDC Developer Conference, but because of the pandemic, it will be held for the first time in full online format. During the event, the company will traditionally present new versions of its systems – macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS, and developers will be able to talk with Apple engineers and learn about new features of Apple software.


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