Apple spoke in detail about the technical specifications of the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

Apple released the Pro Display XDR monitor and the new Mac Pro for a long time, their technical characteristics are known. However, now the company has published documents in which it talks in detail about its technology. The information is presented in the “best possible” format, Apple praises itself, while talking about technical issues.

One of the interesting nuances regarding Pro Display XDR ( PDF ) is that the display may not work correctly in True Tone mode when there is a bright light source nearby. For $ 5,000, two external lighting sensors are built into the device’s body, changing the matrix settings for current conditions. If a table lamp shines on the back of the monitor, for example, the system incorrectly interprets the conditions, and the picture turns out to be incorrect.

Another point is related to the brightness level: uniform 1000 nits are possible at ambient temperatures up to 25 degrees. A further increase in brightness or ambient temperature may result in a decrease in brightness. Such a nuance.

As for the Mac Pro ( PDF ), the computer is 6.5 times more productive than the previous model with a 12-core processor (depending on the tasks performed). The GPU is 6.8 times more powerful than its predecessor (previously two FirePro D700s from 2013 were installed).

The processors used – 24- and 28-core – support up to 2 TB of RAM, but Apple only installs 1.5 TB. Another volume will require “unbalanced” use of slots (DIMM strips will be of different sizes), which the company does not want. It is noted that all Mac Pros support installing Windows through Boot Camp, but Apple Afterburner will not work in this case.

Apple emphasizes that choosing a model with Xeon processors is only necessary if the customer knows what he’s doing: the base frequency of these “stones” is reduced in order to increase productivity in multi-threaded tasks. Simply put, if the work does not require constant use of all the processor cores, the CPU efficiency will decrease.

Another feature is the demanding system to a power source. Apple emphasizes that an unprepared network may not be able to cope if you connect several computers to it – and even with new monitors and additional peripherals.

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