Apple unveils macOS Big Sur with largest design update in 10 years

Now with transparency, a control panel and new switches.

Apple introduced macOS 11 with the prefix Big Sur. The system for the first time since the release of macOS 10 received a new look: the interface was redrawn, making it more transparent and bright. Apple noted that this is the most significant design change in more than 10 years.

In macOS, a control center has appeared, as on iOS – you can call it by a separate button on the right side of the screen. They grouped the basic settings of the device, which previously had to go into a separate application.

We also redesigned the notification center. Now it displays more interactive updates and widgets of different sizes – as conceived by Apple, they should allow you to get the information you need faster.

Safari has received the largest update since its inception in 2003. The browser also received a new design: more tabs are now placed on the screen, and you can see the preview on hover.

Apple claims that Safari began to spend less battery power and work even faster. She was called the fastest desktop browser in the world – according to the company, Safari loads sites 50% faster than Chrome.

The browser also added the ability to personalize the start page, set your own background and set up sections like a reading list and iCloud tabs – they can be turned on or off as desired.

Safari also added a built-in translation function from seven languages ​​with one click. At the start, English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese will be available.

Users will also be able to customize extensions. For example, it will be possible to limit situations and sites with which this or that extension interacts.

MacOS 11 also updated Messages, just like on iOS 14 they’ve got the ability to mention and post conversations on top of the screen. Author’s guides appeared in the Maps, and information about the privacy of each application appeared in the App Store for Mac.

The system will be available to everyone in the fall of 2020. Owners of 12-inch MacBooks 2015 and newer, MacBook Air 2013 and newer, MacBook Pro 2013 and newer, Mac mini 2014 and newer, iMac 2014 and newer, iMac Pro 2017 and newer, and Mac Pro 2013 and newer.


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